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Hot Feed Rubber Extruder

Hot feed rubber extruders are used for extruding various shapes of rubber semi-finished products. They feature a wide application range, including the production of O-type rings, seal rings, sealing elements, rubber blanket, rubber strips, waterstops, rubber pads, rubber hoses, rubber belts, automotive accessories, household electric accessories, electric wire and cables, railway equipment, freezer accessories, tires, inner tubes, blankets, cycle tires, rubber tires, tractor tires, agricultural tires, motorcycle tires, light truck tires, engineering tires, special-purpose tires for mines, complete steel radial tires, semi-steel car tires, renovated tires, conveyor belts, transmission belts, leather belts, flat belts, rubber belts, sidewall belts, steel cord conveyor belts and other applications.

Model Category XJ-65 XJ-85 XJ-115 XJ-150 XJ-200 XJ-250
Screw diameter 65 85 115 150 200 250
Ratio of screw length and diameter L/D 4 4.8 4.8 4.4 4.4 4.5
Motor power kW 7.5 15 30 55 90 110
Production capacity ㎏/h 5~80 62~270 10~420 800 150~2200 3600
Dimension L 1594 2065 2770 3411 4549 4950
W 604 760 655 814 1140 1150
H 1053 1154 1350 1470 1750 1483
Weight t ~1.2 ~2.6 ~4.0 ~4.8 ~5 ~9

The screw uses 38CrMoAIA materials that have undergone a tempering and surface nitriding treatment. The surface hardness is HRC60-65 and hard layer thickness is 0.4-0.6mm. The surface roughness is less than Ra0.8. Inside the screw there is a pore path for temperature control circulating water, which serves for the heating and cooling of the screw.
1. The feeding cylinder is mainly composed of the rear body, front bushing and rear bushing. The structure is a jacketed cast iron.
2. The rear body is made of cast steel. It contains a cavity where temperature control circulating water can flow through for the heating and cooling of rear body.

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