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Shun Cheong is a trusted manufacturer of rubber processing machines that are applicable across a wide range of industrial uses. Our Banbury rubber mixers, rubber mixing mills, vulcanizing presses and other rubber processing machinery is utilized by industrial operations such as tire producers, recycling plants, and rubber belt manufacturers. This wide array of end users all rely on Shun Cheong products to get difficult jobs done right the first time. We are proud they trust us and our company never stops innovating and operating with high standards in order to be worthy of that trust.

    1. The strainer machine’s screw uses 38CrMoAIA materials that have undergone a tempering and surface nitriding treatment. The surface hardness is HRC60-65 and hard layer thickness is 0.4-0.6mm.
    1. EPDM granules are widely used in running track, playgrounds, flooring and other applications. For the poured-in-place playground applications and outdoor running tracks, EPDM granules replace the traditional waste rubber, which avoids the health risks of users brought by excessive PAH production.
    1. The hot feed rubber extruder is suitable to produce various types of rubber bands, external rubber layer of cables and wires. This hot feed rubber extruder can also perform filter extrusion and adhesive feeding operations.
    1. Currently, mold compression and extrusion are the two technologies used to produce windscreen wiper blades for vehicles. With years of experience in the rubber machinery industry, Shun Cheong has the ability to provide turnkey solutions of these two processing methods ...
    1. Our suction hose production line is a new type of rubber hose forming line used to produce suction and discharge hose and dredging hose.
    1. Our automobile butyl rubber sheet production line is designed for the manufacture of butyl rubber sheet for vehicles, such as automobile anti-vibration sheet, anti-collision rubber sheet, sound insulation sheet and shock absorption sheet.
    1. Our rubber coil and sheet production line is primarily used for manufacturing high quality rubber coils and sheets. The produced rubber coils and sheets can be used for the production of gym buffer mats, shock-absorbing mats ...