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Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

The cold feed rubber extruder is designed and manufactured to produce semi-finished rubber products of various shapes.
The extrusion equipment is widely used for the production of O-rings, seal rings, sealing elements, rubber sheets, rubber strips, water stops, rubber pads, rubber hoses, rubber belts, cables, railway equipment, tires, inner tubes, and many more.
The strength of the machinery comes from the high level of efficiency and volume of output.

Model Category XJW-60×15D XJW-90×12D XJW-120×12D XJW-150×16D
Screw diameter mm 60 90 120 150
Ratio of screw length and diameter L/D 15 12 12 16
Maximum screw rotating speed r/min 79 60 50 43
Feeder dimension mm 80×55 120×80 160×100 180×125
Extruder model Y180L-4 Y280S-6 Z4-225-11 Z4-250-31
Power Kw 22 45 75 132
Center height mm 1200 900 1000 1000
No. of circulating hot water zones 3 3 3 4
Total heating power of circulating hot water Kw 25 35 35 60
Maximum production capacity Kg/h 180 360 800 1500
Dimension mm 2700×780×1560 2280×1000×1370 2789×1318×1706 6000×930×1545
Weight Kg 2000 2500 4850 9000

Product description
1. The screw is made from 38CrMoAIA materials with nitride depth 0.5-0.7mm and hardness HV950-1000.
2. The extruder’s feeding cylinder is composed of a rear body, front bushing and rear bushing. The structure is a jacketed cast iron style.
1. Rear body utilizes cast steel. It contains a cavity where temperature control circulating water can flow through for the cooling of the rear body. In addition, bushing and feeding devices are also placed within the rear body.
2. Bushings are made from 38CrMoAIA materials. The internal surface hardness is HRC65-70 with a hard layer thickness of 0.5-0.7mm
3. The feeding device is composed of a feeding roller, feeding roller cover, bearing support, gear pair, bearing, and squeegee knife.
Feeding roller surface is treated with a hardening process. The outer surface of the feeding roller is equipped with a rubber return trough on both ends to prevent rubber from entering the support bearings.
A squeegee knife is also provided to scrape rubber materials on the roller cylinder surface. The knife is fixed on the roller cylinder with adjustable spacing.
Feeding mouth is rotated to open. The feeding rollers feature grease lubrication to achieve optimal effectiveness.
4. Roller cylinder adopts 38CrMoAIA materials. Its surface is processed through a nitriding treatment. The internal surface hardness is HRC65-70. The hard layer depth is 0.5-0.7mm. Along the cylinder surface there is axial path for temperature control circulating water which serves for heating and cooling the cylinder.
5. Reducer features hardened gears with a level 6 transmission accuracy. The reducer is also equipped with a gear pump with a forced lubrication system which has the function of spraying and oil cooling.

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