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Rubber Extrusion Machine

The goal of using a rubber extrusion machine is to get the highest amount of quality out of any given rubber product. Not all rubber materials are produced using a rubber extrusion machine, but those that are have gone through either a hot feed extruder or cold feed extruder. For added efficiency, the use of a co-extrusion line may be chosen as well depending on your application needs.

    1. Hot Feed Rubber ExtruderThe surface hardness is HRC60-65 and hard layer thickness is 0.4-0.6mm. The surface roughness is less than Ra0.8. Inside the screw there is a pore path for temperature control circulating water, which serves for the heating and cooling of the screw.
    1. Cold Feed Rubber ExtruderThe extrusion equipment is widely used for the production of O-rings, seal rings, sealing elements, rubber sheets, rubber strips, water stops, rubber pads, rubber hoses, rubber belts, cables, railway equipment, tires, inner tubes, and many more.
    1. Pin Barrel Cold Feed Rubber ExtruderThe pin barrel cold feed rubber extruder is rubber processing machinery engineered for the extrusion of various semi-finished rubber products. Some of the items that can be produced using this equipment include, O-rings, seal rings, sealing elements, rubber blankets, rubber strips, and tires and tire components.