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Rubber Kneader Machine

Shun Cheong products feature a wide range of applications and our rubber kneading machines are no different. The kneading equipment is used to process various types of rubber products for manufacturing and recycling purposes. The high efficiency equipment is automated and allows for hassle free rubber handling. Our innovative automated operations drastically reduce labor costs and production times but also enhance product quality and precision.

    1. Rubber Bale Cutter The Shun Cheong rubber bale cutter is designed for use in the tire industry, rubber conveyor belt industry and other rubber products processing applications. The equipment is intended to cut natural rubber, synthetic rubber, reclaimed rubber, and other combinations of rubber materials.
    1. Pressurized Rubber Kneader MachineThe pressurized rubber kneader machine is engineered for use in rubber and rubber product factories. The kneader helps to process rubber for the production of tires, cables, rubber hoses, belts, shoes, and seals. The machinery is also versatile in that it can be used to mix oil paints, dyes, ceramics, medicines, filmstrips and other products of similar makeup.
    1. Banbury Rubber MixerThe Banbury rubber mixer is designed and produced for industrial rubber and rubber product operations. Tires, cables, rubber hoses, belts, and many other rubber products are produced thanks to high efficiency Banbury rubber mixers like the ones produced by Shun Cheong.
    1. Bucket ElevatorThe bucket elevator is a useful piece of equipment for transporting materials in a variety of industrial applications. Our bucket elevator is often used along with our other rubber processing equipment to quickly transport rubber pieces from one stage of production to the next.