Rubber Tyre Tread Extrusion Line

Rubber tire tread extrusion lines are used for cooling and cutting extruded tire threads. They are widely used in the production of a variety of tires, cycle tires, tractor tires, agricultural tires, motorcycle tires, light truck tires, engineering tires, special-purpose tires for mine, complete steel radial tires, semi-steel car tires, renovated tires and other tire types.

We provide customized machines to meet exact customer requirements.
Production line speed (m/min) 5-25m/min
Roller surface width (mm) 650
Extraction height (mm) 900
Collecting temperature (℃) ≤40
Tread cutter Max. thickness of the tread cutting: 20mm
Maximum cutting width (mm) 450
Cutting angle range 35°±5°
Tolerance of cutting length ±3
Cutting frequency 10-15 cuts/min
Compressed air pressure (MPa) 0.6-0.8
Total motor power (kw) 23.3
Cooling water consumption (m3/h) 50-60
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 28000x2000x2800
Weight (kg) 20000
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