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Full-Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line

The fully-automatic waste tire recycling line is used for the recycling of various types of tires that are no longer suitable for use in their current state. By pulverizing waste tires to rubber particles or powders to prepare for further deep processing, the machine can produce rubber floor tiles, rubber mats, retread tires and produce a wide range of other rubber products.

Production line process
Use a bull block to separate the sidewall and tread. → Use tire cutter to cut the tire into big chunks. → Use whole tire crusher to crush tire chunks into 40-50mm tire chunks → Use rubber crusher to crush chunks into rubber particles. → Use rubber crusher auxiliary to screen out the needed particles and separate steel wires. →Use fiber separator to separate the qualified rubber particles from fiber.

    1. Rubber Tyre DebeaderProduction capacity: 20-40 strips/hour
      Motor power: 15 kw
      Dimension (L×W×H): 4200*1200*1800 mm
    1. Rubber Tyre Cutter Production capacity: 20-50 strips/hour
      Motor power: 11kw
      Applicable tire diameter: ≤1500
    1. Rubber Cracker MillElectronic control cabinet is placed on the base which brings convenience for adjustment and installment. Once connected with dynamic power, cooling water and lubrication oil for reducer, the mill can start working.
    1. Rubber Cracker Mill Auxiliary MachineThe rubber cracker mill auxiliary machine is often used by waste tire recycling companies in order to separate the qualified rubber particles from rubber particles made by the rubber cracker mill. The qualified rubber particles will be conveyed into the next process while the unqualified rubber particles will be returned to the rubber cracker mill.

Product description of Fully-Automatic Waste Tire Recycling Line
1. The whole production line can be easily operated by 2-3 workers.
2. The vulnerable parts of the machine are mainly cutters and cracker rollers, all of which can be replaced and recycled.

Our advantages
1. The fully-automatic waste tire recycling line has a long service life. Based on the working conditions, it usually can work for 2-3 years without any breakdown.
2. We will send technicians to assemble, adjust each production line and train workers as well, so as to ensure optimal operation.