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Rubber Devulcanization Machine

Depending on your production specifications we can provide you with rubber devulcanization machines and devulcanizing tanks with 3m³ and 6m³dimensions.

Model DYTL200B/2-24 DYTL200B/2-36
Production capacity 1Ton/h 1.5Ton/h
Nominal heating power 420kW 420kW
Main motor power 7.5kW×4 11kW×4
Feeding screw motor power 3kW×2 3kW×2
Discharging screw motor power 3kW×2 4kW×2
Plasticizing temperature range 0-400℃ 0-400℃
Main axle rotating speed 0-12r/min 0-10r/min
Dimension(L×W×H) 6500×2400×2700mm 7600×2600×3200mm
Total weight 24T 30T

Product description of Rubber Devulcanization Machine
1. The rubber devulcanization machine is safe for operation under normal atmospheric pressure. Nonstop production can be realized.
2. The rubber devulcanization machine features electromagnetic induction heating methods and pre-stirring functions.
3. Zero discharge of waste gas and water.
4. The whole process adopts PLC automatic control to achieve nonstop production with high precision.
5. The adoption of electromagnetic heating and automatic temperature control methods brings higher heating efficiency and heat preservation effects.
6. The adoption of double helical blades to automatically clear rubber powder leads to a smoother transmission of powder inside the cylinder and more uniformed heating. No need to disassemble the machine to clean up.

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