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Reclaimed Rubber Production Line

Reclaimed rubber is an ecologically friendly material that can be used to process new products without harvesting additional resources. Green production operations make use of reclaimed rubber production lines in order to minimize their ecological footprint and maximize their operating capabilities.

    1. Rubber Devulcanizing TankRubber devulcanizing tanks are used to break apart vulcanized rubber into a powder that can then be used to make entirely new rubber products. Depending on your processing needs, our company provides dynamic devulcanization tanks with 3m³ and 6m³ dimensions.
    1. Rubber Devulcanization MachineThe adoption of double helical blades to automatically clear rubber powder leads to a smoother transmission of powder inside the cylinder and more uniformed heating. No need to disassemble the machine to clean up.
    1. Reclaimed Rubber KneaderWe adopt the latest national safety standards ‘GB20055-2006 Open Mill Safety Standards’, which are generally the same as European CE Standards. The braking length of the roller can be 1/6 rotation for safety.
    1. Rubber Refining MillThe friction gear of the reclaimed rubber refining mill lies between the roller and reducer, so as to prevent the cooling water from mixing with the lubrication oil trough. The hardened reducer is grinded and treated by carburizing quenching techinques, which increases accuracy, wear-resistance and lowers noise output.
    1. Rubber Sheet Cooling Winding DeviceThe rubber sheet cooling winding device is one of our reclaimed rubber processing machines. The cooling device works by letting the hot rubber sheet cool and then winds the sheet slowly, where it is weighed on the coil and then cut.