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Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press

The conveyor belt vulcanizing press is designed for use in the production of rubber products, particularly rubber conveyor belts, automotive belts, sidewall belts, and steel wire conveyor belts.

Production line process
The fabric core rubber conveyor belt’s working process is as follows:
Rolling up the placemat → opening up with the fabric core → splicer → idler set → stretching the front clamp → main vulcanizing press →middle clamp →idler set → stretching the rear clamp →rear dragging device → patching machine → double roll recoiler

The steel cord conveyor belt’s working process is as follows:
Steel cord spindle rack → tension device → carding device → molding cart →checking the cart → front dragging device →front clamp device →main plate vulcanizing press → clamp & stretching device → rear dragging device → cutting device →recoiling device

    1. Sidewall Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing PressThe sidewall conveyor belt vulcanizing press is designed to produce rubber sidewall belts in a process where rubber belts, baffles, and belt skirts are pressed together and vulcanized to form a strong, durable finished product.
    1. Fabric Core Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing PressThe fabric core conveyor belt vulcanizing press is designed and manufactured in order to produce rubber conveyor belts, transmission belts, leather belts, flat belts, rubber belts, sidewall belts, and other rubber products. The vulcanization process results in highly durable and strong rubber products.
    1. Conveyor Belt Forming PressThe press can perform stack and pack conveyor belt forming using canvas made from cotton, nylon, and other fibers. In addition to new products, the press can also be used to repair steel cord conveyor belts and provide re-coating for the surface rubber of these belts.
    1. Conveyor Belt Splicing Vulcanizing PressThe conveyor belt splicing vulcanizing press is widely used in the manufacturing of rubber conveyor belts, transmission belts, leather belts, flat belts, steel cord conveyor belts and other high quality rubber products. The press is designed to connect the two ends of a conveyor belt, forming a continuous ring.

Product description of Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing
1. Conveyor belt vulcanizing is suitable for fabric core conveyor belt plate vulcanizing with a long service life.
2. The main vulcanizing press is designed to meet GB/T3034-1999 standards.
3. Frame is constructed from Q235 steel plate.
4. Hot plate: the roughness of the working surface can be up to Ra1.6 and the temperature distribution accuracy is ±1.5℃.
5. Upper and lower mounting pad: Q235 steel plate with high process accuracy
6. Oil cylinder: the oil cylinder is produced according to ZG270-500 standards. The plunger is made from chilled cast iron. The sealing structure adopts the combination of double seal rings and scraper rings for better sealing effects.
7. Hydraulic jacking device: place four sets of hydraulic jacking devices under the lower mounting pad to ensure the horizontal elevation of the mounting pad.
8. Thermal baffle: The thermal baffle does not contain asbestos. The baffle can withstand voltage over 400kg/cm. Thermal conductivity is 0.022w/mh. Thermal resistance is 220℃~250℃. Thickness is 15mm.
9. The hydraulic system is designed according to the working process and movement requirements.
10. Complete electric control system includes electric wires, cables and a safety protection device. Mitsubishi Q series PLC is equipped with touch screen control. Other normal elements adopt Schneider products. Breaker is equipped with overload protection. Relay is equipped with an indicator light.

Our advantage
Plate vulcanizing press standards: GB/T9002-ISO9002-94、GB/T7984-2001、GB/T9770-2001、HG/T3034-1999