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Hot Air Rubber Vulcanizing Oven

RF-9M hot air rubber vulcanizing oven is mainly consisted of hot air circulation system, conveying system, insulation system and control system. This rubber vulcanizing oven has an adjusting screw at bottom of the oven to adjust the parallelism between the ground and the oven.

Dimensions of Hot Air Rubber Vulcanizing Oven
Length 9900mm × Width 500mm × Height 1280mm

Hot Air Circulation System
Heating method: electrical heating tube, two-section heating control, with constant temperature and overheating protection functions
Heating power: 800w/tube (30 heating tubes)
Temperature inside oven: 180~270℃, the desired temperature can be achieved within 30 minutes at room temperature
Effective working length: 8000mm
Hot air circulation fan power: 0.75kW (1 piece)
Vulcanizing direction: from right to left when facing the hot air rubber vulcanizing oven
Conveying System
Conveyor: belt conveyor with PTFE-coated fiberglass conveyor belt
Conveying speed: 2~28m/min
Belt width: 180mm
Motor power: 0.75kW (1 piece), with variable frequency speed control
Insulation System
The inner layer of the rubber vulcanizing oven is made of stainless steel with thickness of 1.5mm, and outer layer thickness is 2.75mm. The insulation layer is fabricated using aluminum silicate with thickness of 100mm.
Control System
Installed at the inlet side of the hot air rubber vulcanizing oven, the control panel is equipped with speed indicator, switch and potentiometer. And an emergency stop button is available at the side of the control panel. When starting the hot air rubber vulcanizing oven, it goes in order of conveying, fan and heating. When stopping, it goes in order of heating, fan and conveying. After the heater is turned off, the fan and conveyor will be stopped after a 30-minute interval.

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