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    1. Tyre Buffing Machine Tire buffing machines are widely used as tire retreading equipment. When a mechanic or tire retreading company receives a tire that has passed all initial checks and is deemed certified according to industry standards for quality and safety, the first job in retreading is buffing the tire itself.
    1. Retread Tyre SpreaderOne of the most difficult areas of retreading a tire is spreading it to get a decent look inside the tire. A tire spreader will spread the two sides of the tread, allowing users to get a look inside the tire and determine how extensive repair will need to be, and whether a tire can be patched up or needs to be retread completely.
    1. Tyre Curing ChamberA tire curing chamber is designed to cure cushion gum and treads stitched on a tire during a pre cured retreading process. Curing chambers are often available as either electric or manual, and are widely used in tire retreading factories.