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Sidewall Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press

The sidewall conveyor belt vulcanizing press is designed to produce rubber sidewall belts in a process where rubber belts, baffles, and belt skirts are pressed together and vulcanized to form a strong, durable finished product.

Product Model XLB-Q2100x1500x1/1.2MN
Total Press (MN) 1.2
Hot plate dimension(mm) 2100x1500x60
Plate spacing (mm) 900
No. of layer 1
The Max Stroke of Cylinder (mm) 600
Close Mold Speed (mm/s) >=15
Open Mold Speed (mm/s) >=15
Hydraulic System Pressure ( Mpa) 15.0
Hydraulic Cylinder Diameter (mm) 160
No. of cylinder (Set) 4
Motor Power (KW) 5.5
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