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Banbury Rubber Mixer

The Banbury rubber mixer is designed and produced for industrial rubber and rubber product operations. Tires, cables, rubber hoses, belts, and many other rubber products are produced thanks to high efficiency Banbury rubber mixers like the ones produced by Shun Cheong. The mixers are also suitable for mixing oil paints, dyes, ceramics, medicines, and other similar products with outstanding end results.

Product parameters
Model X(S)M-50
Total volume (L) 50

Filling factor
Rotor speed(r/min) 4-40
Max ram pressure(MPa) 0.27
Main motor power (KW) 90DC(95AC)

L 5,560
W 2,700
H 3,250
Total weight (kg) 16,000
Model X(S)M-80
Total volume (L) 80

Filling factor
Rotor speed(r/min) 4-40
Max ram pressure(MPa) 0.37
Main motor power (KW) 200DC(210AC)

L 5,800
W 2,500
H 4,155
Total weight (kg) 22,000
Model X(S)M-110
Total volume (L) 110

Filling factor
Rotor speed(r/min) 4-40
Max ram pressure(MPa) 0.58
Main motor power (KW) 250DC(240AC)

L 6,000
W 2,850
H 4,450
Total weight (kg) 29,000
Model X(S)M-160
Total volume (L) 160

Filling factor
Rotor speed(r/min) 4-40
Max ram pressure(MPa) 0.5
Main motor power (KW) 355DC(355AC)

L 8,900
W 3,330
H 6,050
Total weight (kg) 36,000
Model X(S)M-250
Total volume (L) 250

Filling factor
Rotor speed(r/min) 20
Max ram pressure(MPa) 0.24
Main motor power (KW) 240AC

L 7,500
W 3,900
H 4,730
Total weight (kg) 33,500

Description of Banbury Rubber Mixer
1. The roller is the main component of the internal mixer. Center section is made of fine cast steel with microelement ingredients like manganese. Each end is made from #45 round steel.
2. Mixing chamber features a modular structure, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble for easy installation and maintenance.
3. Discharging door is constructed from forged steel treated with a surface hardening process, making it tough and wear-resistant. Cooling medium flows mono-directionally. Heat exchange efficiency is high and the cooling process is fast. The base of the discharging door is made of cast steel. High stiffness and small deformation provide excellent sealing effects to the internal mixer when mixing.
4. Reduction gears processed by a carburizing quenching treatment and the gear surfaces are grinded to achieve high processing accuracy, wear-resistance and low noise. Due to the configuration of double tooth couplings and double circle tangential keys, the banbury rubber mixer is more competitive thanks to its stable transmission, high efficiency, excellent bearing capacity and overload capacity.
5. Steel plate base is processed to be thicker, which provides higher bearing capacity.
6. Electric control system features a PLC system which has the advantage of good compatibility and anti-interference capability.
7. Operation box next to the equipment adopts pressurized dust control technology to guarantee dust free environment and longer service life of electronic components in harsh working environments.

Our advantages
1. We provide lifelong technical support and free solutions and technical upgrades for our clients.
2. Our team is made up of engineers with over 20-years of design experience who are extremely knowledgeable about the rubber mixing process. Therefore, we can provide corresponding internal mixer configurations to meet customer demands every time.

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