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Downstroke Rubber Vulcanizing Press

The downstroke rubber vulcanizing press is designed for the production of various rubber and silicone made products, such as O-type rings, sealing rings, sealing elements, rubber blankets, rubber strips, waterstops, bridge bearing, rubber plate, rubber stripe, shoe soles, and even EVA foam slippers. The efficiency and output of the press is unparalleled. The downstroke rubber vulcanizing press can also be used as a press machine. The platform ascending and descending speed can be adjusted to meet client demands.

Product parameters
Product Model XLB-800x800
Nominal clamp force (MN) 2.00
Hot plate dimension (mm) 800x800
Hot plate spacing (mm) 500
No. of layer 1
Plunger stroke (mm) 500
Hot plate pressure per unit area (MPa) 3.1
Motor power (kW) 5.5
Dimension (mm) 1200x800x2500
Weight (kg) 6000

The down stroke type is not frequently used compared to other types of vulcanizing machines. The annual output is about 5 pieces. One Ukrainian military industrial enterprise once ordered 3 pieces and that can be considered to be a big deal.

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