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Solid Tire Vulcanizing Machine

This solid tire vulcanizing machine is mainly used for manufacturing solid tires for trolleys and special vehicles. This rubber tire vulcanizing machine is featured by automatic mold clamping, automatic gas discharging, automatic pressure compensation, vulcanization timer, automatic constant temperature, timer alarm and automatic mold opening.


XLB-D 800×800×1/2.00MN
Nominal clamping force: 2.00MN
Heating plate size: 800×800× thickness 56mm
Spacing: 850×850mm
No. of heating plate: 2 pieces
Working layer: 1 layer
Working pressure: 31.25kg/cm²
No. of main cylinder: 1 set
Push-pull mode: automatic hydraulic push-pull
Max. system pressure: 20Mpa
Control: PLC automatic control

Nominal clamping force: 8.00MN
Frame number: 2 pieces
Heating plate size: 1200×1200×76mm
No. of heating plate: 5 pieces
Working layer: 4 layers
Max. working temperature of heating plate: 200℃
No. of main cylinder: 1 set
Heating mode: electrical heating
Mold ejection: hydraulic ejection (auxiliary lifting device)
Machine dimensions: 2070×2800×6200mm

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