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Duplex Rubber Vulcanizing Machine

The duplex rubber vulcanizing machine is designed to vulcanize rubber and silicone products for the manufacturing of O-rings, sealing elements, rubber blankets, floor tiles, and many other rubber components.

Model Technical parameters XLB-600X600
Nominal clamp force (MN) 2.50
Hot plate dimension (mm) 600x600x60
Hot plate spacing (mm) 125
Plunger stroke (mm) 250
Hot plate pressure per unit area (MPa) 6.9
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 15.7
Hydraulic cylinder diameter(mm) 450
Motor power (kW) 7.5x2
Model Technical parameters XLB-650X650
Nominal clamp force (MN) 3.00
Hot plate dimension (mm) 650x650x70
Hot plate spacing (mm) 350--500
Plunger stroke (mm) 600
Hot plate pressure per unit area (MPa) 7.1
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 18.8
Hydraulic cylinder diameter(mm) 450
Motor power(Kw) 7.5x2
Model Technical parameters XLB-900X900
Nominal clamp force (MN) 2.00
Hot plate dimension (mm) 900X900x60
Hot plate spacing (mm) 300-400
Plunger stroke (mm) 600
Hot plate pressure per unit area (MPa) 2.5
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 16.0
Hydraulic cylinder diameter(mm) 400
Motor power(Kw) 7.4x2

Product description
1. Two pieces of the vulcanizing machine are placed on the same base, which is easily installed and maintained. One worker can operate two vulcanizing machines at the same time.
2. Easy assembly. The wires between the main engine, electronic control cabinet and hydraulic pressure station are all connected before delivery. Users only need to connect the wire between the workshop and electronic control cabinet and fill the hydraulic pressure station with hydraulic oil, the machine is then ready to operate.
3. The spacing between upper and lower hot plates are designed to be adjustable in order to be compatible with molds of different thickness.
4. Custom service. The hot plate dimension, layers, pressures and other parameters of vulcanizing press can be customized to meet client demands.
5. This series of vulcanizing machine can be equipped with PLC automatic control system for automatic exhaust operation. The exhaust period, interval and times can all be freely adjusted. The machine also has the function of automatic pressure filling to compensate the decrease of the pressure during vulcanization.

Our advantages
1. The duplex rubber vulcanizing press is one of our improved new plate vulcanizing machines according to the design of our clients.
2. The duplex rubber vulcanizing presses manufactured by our company now are mainly the machines with pressures below 2.5MN. Our client, Tell from Argentina ordered 8 pieces of 2.50MN-type vulcanizing machines at one time.

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