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C Plate Rubber Vulcanizing Press

The C plate rubber vulcanizing press is suitable for the production of various tires made from rubber and silicone products, such as car tires, inner tubes, blankets, hand cart tires, rubber wheels, tractor tires, agricultural tires, and cycle tires. The highly versatile rubber presses are suitable for the production of a variety of additional rubber products as well.

Product parameters
Model XLE-Q10000x500
Nominal clamp force (MN) 1000
Hot plate dimension (mm) 10000x500x80
Hot plate spacing (mm) 300
Plunger stroke (mm) 300
Close mold speed (mm/s) ≥15
Open mold speed(mm/s) ≥15
Hydraulic system pressure (MPa) 16.0
Hydraulic cylinder diameter (mm) Φ285
No. of hydraulic cylinder (piece) 10
Motor power (kw) 7.5+11

Product description
1. Custom service. This series of vulcanizing machines are mainly nonstandard machines. The hot plate dimension, layers, pressures and other parameters of vulcanizing machine can be customized to meet client demands.
2. This series of vulcanizing machine can be equipped with a PLC automatic control system to be able to automatically exhaust. The vulcanizing timing, mold opening and other processes can be guaranteed by adjusting the process parameters.
3. Installation consulting service. Some large-scale vulcanizing presses need to be disassembled into several boxes before delivery. We will take photos of these process for client convenience. As for large-scale and complex vulcanizing machines, we recommend our clients to use our professional assembly workers for onsite assembly and installation.

Our advantages
1. The C plate rubber vulcanizing presses are suitable for narrow and long rubber products. They are highly convenient for rubber feeding and rubber collection.
2. Our company produces about 20 pieces of C plate rubber vulcanizing presses annually. They especially have wide application in tire renovation.

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