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Rubber Tile Vulcanizing Press

The rubber tile vulcanizing press is specially designed to produce rubber floor tiles, rubber ground mats, and other rubber flooring products.

Product parameters
Model XLB-D550×550×4
Nominal clamp force (MN) 0.5
Hot plate dimension (mm) 550×550×45
Hot plate spacing (mm) 150
No, of hot plate layers 4
Hydraulic cylinder stroke (mm) 400
Motor power (kw) 3.0
Model XLB-D1100×1100×2
Nominal clamp force (MN) 1.20
Hot plate dimension (mm) 1100×1100×60
Hot plate spacing (mm) 150
No, of hot plate layers 2
Hydraulic cylinder stroke (mm) 250
Motor power (kw) 5.5

Product description
1. Easy assembly. The wires between the main engine, electronic control cabinet and hydraulic pressure station are all connected before delivery. Users only need to connect the wire between workshop and electronic control cabinet and fill the hydraulic pressure station with hydraulic oil, the machine is then ready to work.
2. Each layer is equipped with two sets of molds to take alternate during operation.
3. This series of vulcanizing press can be equipped with a PLC automatic control system to automatically operate. The exhaust period, interval and operation time can all be freely adjusted. The machine also has the function of automatic pressure filling to compensate for the decrease of pressure during vulcanization.

Our advantages
1. Floor tiles produced by vulcanizing machines have a wide range of application.
2.Rubber floor tiles are the simplest products in rubber industry.

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